10 on 10: February 2015

Finding the beauty in the ordinary today with Rebekah and all the other 10-on-10-ers is always an exercise I appreciate. As I go back through my photos from the day, wading through the under- and over- exposed shots (this is my first 10 on 10 set shot completely in Manual-- aside from a couple of iPhone photos), I find myself feel grateful and seeing the blessings in a packed-full day. A day not without challenges, but full of bits of beauty nonetheless.

10 on 10 February-1 10 on 10 February-2 10 on 10 February-3 10 on 10 February-4 10 on 10 February-5 10 on 10 February-6 10 on 10 February-7 10 on 10 February-8 10 on 10 February-9 10 on 10 February-10

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1. coffee and the word and prayer cards. 2. sweet siblings reading together (lots of fighting came later so clinging on to this moment). 3. potato soup in the crock pot. 4. dressing up the map with love (+ a gift from a sweet friend proclaiming my passion for our dining area). 5 & 6. building masterpieces with the littles. 7.  gigi learning a new skill (first ukulele lesson today!)*. 8. hanging out with this lady during gigi's lesson, while brody had a car catnap. 9 & 10. long shadows & little boys, at t-ball practice.

*I can't decide if her teacher looks more like an older David Hasselhoff or an older Patrick Swayze. Hehee.