10 on 10 {31 Days of The Life Poetic: Day 10}

When I think about observing, documenting, and appreciating the beauty, grace, rhythm, and poetry in life-- what I'm calling The Life Poetic-- Ten on Ten seems like one of the best ways to express it. This simple photo challenge of taking a photo every hour all day on the 10th of the month churns out such bits of beauty that I many times would not otherwise notice in the midst of a busy day. So I'm linking up again this month over at Rebekah's sweet blog. Here are ten moments from October 10th, and here are ten snapshots of The Life Poetic. ten on ten button


10 on 10-1 10 on 10-2 10 on 10-3 10 on 10-4 10 on 10-5 10 on 10-6 10 on 10-7 10 on 10-8 10 on 10-9

10 on 10-10

the life poetic

This is Day 10 of 31 Days of the Life PoeticView the other posts in this series here.

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