3 Little Things {5.30.14}

Good morning, lovely friends! I'm so glad it's Friday and I have a few things to share today that are making me happy, as I link up with Amy from MomAdvice. 3 people at the park

1. The Wet Brush

Hat tip to Julie from Joy's Hope, as she's the one who I heard about this wonderful tool from. If you have girls, or if you yourself have long, thick, or tangle-prone hair, I can't urge you enough to buy this miracle brush!! Its skinny, flexible bristles are supposedly the secret, and it is downright amazing how pain-free this brush is. Gone are the days of my sensitive-headed girls whining and crying at the thought of having their hair brushed-- and that is indeed something to celebrate!

2. Finishing books!

Finishing a book always makes me happy. This week I finished Persuasion, and I really loved it. I didn't have many memories of the story and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to read. As much as  I love Jane, many of her novels take me some serious effort to get through. We'll be chatting about this one live for the book club soon and should be a fun one.

3. Voxer

Are you using this fun, free app yet? It's a push-to-talk (think: walkie-talkie) type app where instead of typing a text message to someone (although you can do that, and send photos, as well), you just speak a message to them. It's sorta like leaving an instant voice mail. They just push play to listen, and then can reply.

The most fun thing is you can have group chats. A few friends of mine and I have an ongoing chat that feels like a personal podcast that I can chime in on. I listen to my friends discuss, life, motherhood, blogging and whatever else while I'm driving, doing dishes, or folding laundry (on my headset). It's super fun- my kids even love to vox my mom or their cousins. ! Grab a few friends and start a group vox chat, it's a great way for another community touchpoint with friends and family.

Keeping it simple this week, folks, but I am collecting some good links, so I'll try to share a "surf report" with those another time. Happy Friday!

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