A Day in the Life: January 23, 2014

It's actually a really fun discipline to document a day, moment by moment. I'm linking up with my friend Rebekah for the Day in a Life Project. 5:25. Hallee is crying (she lost her paci in her bed) so I roll out of bed to help her. My alarm isn't supposed to wake me for another 5 or 10 minutes but I figure I might as well get up now.

Day in the life 2014-1

5:30. I sneak downstairs and make myself a french press of coffee and finish up my week's homework for CBS (Community Bible Study), pray a bit, mentally prep for the day. I enjoy some time catching up on Facebook and reading a few blog posts. Sometimes I take this time to write but today I'm just chilling out a bit.

6:43. We try to keep our kids in their rooms till 7 (they can come out to go potty of course). Gigi can read a clock, so she usually obeys. Hallee doesn't get it at all so I excuse her still from this rule. :) Brody has an awesome clock that turns green when it's time for him to come out, but he doesn't always like to obey. Exhibit A: he's upstairs  in the bathroom whining right now about not wanting to go potty alone (really, buddy?)…

6:48. My alone time is winding down (no!) so I take a few minutes to peruse Instagram before the craziness of another day begins. David occupies Brody by taking him in the shower with him.

Day in the life 2014-2

6:58. I have my first bed-headed companion come join me in the living room.

day in the life: what we wore

7:14. Everyone is awake and downstairs. I sneak upstairs to get dressed quickly (handmedown top & leggings, necklace by 31Bits, favorite TOMS). Time for breakfast and making lunches. The girls pick their own clothes today. Gigi does this most days-- some outfits are more eclectic than others. ;)

Day in the life 2014-11

7:47. Breakfast is done, and it's time for David to leave for work. Kids occupy themselves by playing house in the living room with an abundance of pillows and blankets. I snap a photo for Instagram of the peaceful moment in between quarreling about blankets and who's who (Brody always wants to be a dog; Gigi always fights this).

Day in the life 2014-3

8:23. I've got lunches made and the kids are still playing together (small miracle). {Received my Lunchbots for review over three years ago and they are still going strong. Paired with some silicone baking cups, they make the perfect bento box, for as much as we eat on the go, at the park, etc.}

8:30. I realize I have yet to change Hallee's diaper this morning (OOPS!) so I change her and get her dressed (see photo above). Gigi finally sits down to finish her CBS homework/bible study. Today isn't really a homeschool day but her CBS work totally counts as part of our curriculum.

9:11. Time to pack up for CBS and head out. It blows my mind how long it takes me to get 3 kids ready and out the door. I'll throw a load of laundry in the dryer before we go.

Day in the life 2014-4

9:40. We load up and leave for CBS. We're there from 10-12 and it's a highlight of the week for all of us. I'm studying the book of Mark right now and Gigi does a "junior" version of the same study. The little ones follow a preschool curriculum that goes through a three-year cycle of Bible stories, crafts and memory verses.

12:15. Back in the car, I give the kids their lunches.  We talk about how the kids' classes were as we drive up the coast a few miles to Gigi's school.

12:30. Gigi arrives to her learning center at the end of lunch, right in time for the afternoon classes (Spanish & Drama), but today there is an end-of-the-semester showcase where all their work is on display. I walk through and collect her schoolwork (it's all lovely, her teachers are so creative!). Then it's time for me to head home after I chat with a few moms. Gigi goes to the charter school's learning center all day Tuesday as well.

12:45. Quick stop at the local garden/farm supply store where I pickup my CSA box every week.

1:00ish. Brody is asleep in the car so I carry him in (he's darn heavy!) and put him in bed. The festivities at Gigi's school have thrown our schedule off and I'm hoping Hallee will still take a nap.

Day in the life 2014-8

Day in the life 2014-7

1:20. I fix myself some leftover taco salad for lunch, read a few pages of Pride & Prejudice, and indulge in a yummy TJ's treat. I catch up a bit online and talk to David on the phone.

2:00. Time to tidy up the house a bit for community group tonight. I check on Hallee and she has gotten into the closet and Gigi's Barbies. She's not interested in napping so I try to lay down with her to chill her out. She is super tired but doesn't want to give in…

Day in the life 2014-9

2:30. Gigi is home, a bit earlier because of the special day, thanks to a friend/neighbor who gives her a ride home on Thursdays so that the kids can nap longer (since it's CG night they will be up late). Hallee is still refusing to nap. I hear her playing upstairs.

Day in the life 2014-10

3:00. I start dinner, and realize I'm out of tomato paste! Luckily my neighbor has some I can borrow. Gigi goes through her artwork we brought home while I cook dinner, and soon, Brody wakes up and comes down to join us. The stew requires a bit of red wine... I may or may not have sampled it while cooking... ;)

Day in the life 2014-12

3:30. The soup is cooking, and the kids clean up the blanket and pillow mess from this morning and help me dust and put other toys away (I bribe them to do this by saying they have to if they want a snack). :) Gigi helps me put PB on rice cakes, and I start mixing flours to make some Almond Flatbread Crackers (from the Bob's Red Mill Baking Book-- love this cookbook!) for tonight since I realize no one had signed up for snack this week. Hallee is knocking on her door, apparently completely rebelling against her nap.

Day in the life 2014-13

4:00. Gigi goes next door and across the street to look for a friend to rainbow loom with but alas, no one can play. Things get a little haywire around this time. It's the witching hour, that's for sure. They chase each other, someone gets a time out, can't keep their hands to themselves, more toys get brought back out, etc, etc. The crackers will have to wait while I break up fights.

Day in the life 2014-14 4:40. David calls and he's on his way home. I'm always a bit desperate at this time of day... "No, I don't need you to stop at the store, I'm going to make crackers. Just get home!!" ;) Brody pretends to "face paint" Hallee (a favorite game in our house) with a clean paintbrush and a wooden puzzle as a palette.

4:55. I finally impose a rule to sit and read a book or miss community group. I do the dishes to make room for finishing dinner. I put away the veggies from my CSA box. Kale! Peas! More Spinach & lettuce! Avocado! Limes! It's the season when the whole box is green.

5:15. David and Hallee go out to bring the trash cans in while Brody and Gigi are reading books on the couch. Crackers go in the oven. We sit down to eat our Beef & Barley Stew (one of my favorites).

6:00. We decide Hallee's never going to make it tonight so David takes her up to put her to bed while I clean up. He also gets Brody's room ready for the kids to play in.

Day in the life 2014-15

6:15. Water's boiling for tea, crackers are put on a plate along with Cocoa Almond & Cookie/Cocoa spread, and a plate of apples & banana chips, too. Our friend Rob arrives and offers to help, I have him wipe the table while I set out all the tea, mugs, and put the hot water in a carafe (no time to make coffee.

6:30. Our friends start trickling in, catching up, grabbing tea and snack, getting toys out. A 4-year old stabs himself in the mouth with his water bottle and we have our first bloody incident at CG! A little cleanup and some cuddles and he's fine.

Day in the life 2014-16

7:10. My friend Mandy and I have kid duty tonight so round up the crazies and take them upstairs. I'm bummed to miss the discussion (I've been on kid duty all day after all) but this is just one way we all serve the group. We rotate through in groups of 2 and only have to be with the kids every 6-8 weeks. I always end up enjoying the time once I'm up there. We play cars and kitchen and trains, and Mandy and I get to catch up which is fun. Gigi snags my phone and snaps a few (blurry but fun) photos.

8:30 rolls around and the kids clean up and head back downstairs. We chat and hang out for a while longer. It sounds like the discussion was good tonight. Friends head out, our kids eat a little snack, and I kiss them goodnight.

9:09. David puts the kids to bed while I flop on the couch for a minute. Then I get back up and start putting stuff away. He does the dishes (seriously, he's amazing).

9:35. We zone out on the couch. He's playing a game on the iPad, I'm checking IG (I post one of the photos Gigi took earlier), Facebook, email, etc.

10:00. Time to head upstairs-- we're exhausted. David's trying to decide if he wants to wake himself up in the middle of the night to watch an exciting tennis match at the Australian Open (I tell him he's crazy).

10:40. I read a page in P & P before crashing out. Thursdays are a long, community-filled day. This is our life and we love it. God is good.

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