A Peek Into Our Home

I feel super refreshed after taking the last couple of weeks off from blogging. I may not feel so refreshed once I dive back into my reader and try to catch up on everything, but I have definitely needed the time to prioritize other things and for one thing, get settled in to our new place! We are loving our new home, I've surprised myself by even being content to clean it (and my mom will attest to the fact that this is not a particular gifting I have)-- I think I'm just so glad to be the home manager of my own place again. I've also come to realize how great it is to only have to clean a small place! We had to downsize significantly (see our garage for proof) which has been great for us in many ways, only one of them being how much quicker I can clean the place up than our place in Colorado.

I'm going to have a lot to share as I reflect on what I've done in my time away from blogging, but first things first... have a look at our new digs! {If you don't see the photos, you may need to click over from your email/reader to the actual site.}

This is a 2 bedroom/2 bath condo that is all one story, which we love. The photos are of our kitchen, main living space and Chiquita's bathroom. You get a very sneaky glimpse into our room if you look close at the end of the hallway, but otherwise it is definitely the least-moved in room of the house so pictures of that will have to wait. I'll also save Chiquita's adorable room for another day because she's (amazingly enough) napping!

We also have a great back patio, where I hope to even get a little gardening in. Our laundry is in a nice closet on the patio too for very easy access (our garage is not attached but one unit down from us).