Farmer's Market Finds

Yesterday after church we went to our town's Farmer's Market. We've been going for a while now, pretty regularly (it runs here from late spring-fall), and it's always fun to pick up some local fare, and usually Chiquita will get to see a couple of doggies which makes her very happy. Early on, I was disappointed by the lack of farmers. There were booths selling sausages (yummy ones!), Tupperware, dip packages, burritos, etc, but only one booth with produce for sale. This was a bit different from the abundant spreads you'll find at a California Farmer's Market, such as the ones we used to frequent in San Luis Obispo and Huntington Beach.

But here in Colorado, the farmers have finally come out as summer crops are now in full swing, and in Highlands Ranch, our market has now grown to have at least five farm booths, with quite a variety of produce.

Here's a photo of the lovely assortment of goodies we got for only $8.75... all this! Such a good deal! We had a salad for dinner last night, and the locally-grown lettuce was decidedly tastier than the store-bought variety, as I expected! Not only does eating local taste better, but it's better for the environment because your food is not using up precious gas to arrive to your local grocery store from afar. Plus it feels nice to support the farmer who is handing you your produce with a smile.