Give Meaningful Gifts

If you've read my Christmas Manifesto, then you know we're trying to simplify the way our family does Christmas. Recently I came across a mind-blowing video and a really cool movement. I encourage you to check out the video.

A couple of other cool ways to give meaningful gifts (other than homemade ones, which is very meaningful I think!), is to buy gifts that support people in need or give a gift in honor of someone that helps someone else. If that sounds a little vague, here are a few examples. You can find gifts like this in basically any price range.

  • If you visit Floresta's website, you can buy fair trade/shade grown coffee (it's delicious!), supporting the farmers, or Tribute Cards which will pay to plant trees in someone's honor.

I'd love to hear of other opportunities to give meaningful gifts if you know of more!

And visit the website for Advent Conspiracy if you'd like to learn more about the movement and how you can donate water: