How to smooth out clumps in your mineral mascara

applying mascara Happy Friday, dear readers! Here's an easy-peasy natural beauty trick for your weekend. 

I'm really happy with my mineral mascara. It lasts long and while it's not waterproof, it will withstand the tears that come with chopping onions fairly well (side note: I chop onions a lot. And cry a lot. I've tried every remedy and nothing works for me).

I buy it on Amazon and save a bit of money by getting it every four months through their Subscribe & Save program.

Before I switched to a mineral-based brand, I used to stretch my mascara at least six months, but the mineral version seems to clump up well before my next 4-month shipment arrives. But even at the discounted price, I can't afford (or justify) buying it more often, so I just have to make it work.

how to smooth out mineral mascara

It's been really dry here lately so I'm going to blame the weather. My next mascara isn't slated to arrive until early March and I was already starting to see some clumps this week, so I decided to take action.

putting a dab of coconut oil in mascara

I took my trusty bathroom jar of coconut oil out, scooped a tiny bit out (probably about a 1/32nd of a teaspoon if that measurement exists) with a cotton swab and wiped it into the top of my mascara. I pushed it down with the wand and mixed it up a bit.

I didn't notice it immediately but the next day when I pulled it out, the mascara was indeed significantly smoother. It didn't seem diluted at all either. Win-win!

What's your favorite natural/mineral mascara brand? 

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