It's the Absolute Ultimate!! #1~ Don't Forget to Turn Off the Oven!

Every weekend I plan to post a simple (& possibly silly) "tip, trick or tool" here on Gidget Goes Home! Maybe you already know about these things (if so, feel free to comment on why they're so awesome!), but who knows, maybe it will be something new to you! FYI: "It's the absolute ultimate!" is one of the most famous lines from the movie Gidget, spoken by my cute little namesake.

"Cook Time: a Simple Oven Solution"

I have on occasion been known to forget to turn off the oven after I take out the yummy home-cookin' that was inside. I'm not sure if this is some sort of subconscious rebellion since my dad is a fire chief, or if I often just have too much on my mind and flat-out forget. Either way, this is the last thing you want to do on a scorching hot day!

Last night when cooking a yummy family recipe called Crusty Pineapple (sounds a little odd but it tastes delicious!), I decided to try a button called Cook Time (not to be confused with Timer, which I've used before). Cook Time not only let me set a timer, but then when it was done, it kept beeping until I turned off the oven! Brilliant! Now, if there was only a similar feature on bathroom candles.... er, Dad, I hope you're not reading this.