Savoring Summer

One of my favorite bloggers/authors, Amanda Soule has been posting about how she's been savoring summer, and I decided to follow suite. Here's what the end of summer has looked like around here, and we've definitely been savoring it. enjoying a few more moments with dear friends who were moving away... daddys on pier

savoring the fruit of our garden, and of our CSA... tomato salad

savoring a few days with family visiting from another state... leonards walking

savoring the fun and the heat of the season and the novelties of childhood... splashing

laughing at the difficulty of getting three little friends to all look at the camera, and watching a new generation of friendships develop... little lake girls

trying new things... green oatmeal

and loving them... scootering

savoring a night with my best girlfriends, and reuniting with more old friends... reunion

enjoying a sweet moment or two or ten on the beach... donut beach

and of course, savoring the sun and the warm sea water with the ones I love... on foam board

How've you been savoring summer?