Translation Tuesday #8 ~ ¡Viva el béisbol! {Free Download!}

Tomorrow begins a very important week in our house... it's the Fall Classic, aka The World Series!! Now, it would have been even more important had the Dodgers made it, but nonetheless the love of the game prevails and you can be sure that we'll be watching mucho béisbol in the next few days.

So today I wanted to share with you a fun list of baseball terminology in translation! I found this years ago on MLB's website and have used it in almost all my classes, as most textbooks have a chapter that uses sports as a theme.

Here are a few fun words, and then feel free to the whole document: vocabulario-beisbol.

el béisbol [el BAYS-bowl]


el jonrón [el hone-RONE]

(home run~ one of my daughter's favorite words!)

la entrada [la en-TRAW-dah]


un ponche [oon PONE-chay]


embasarse [em-bah-SAR-say]

(get on base)

Now if only we got ESPN Deportes so I could watch baseball with the Spanish commentary and test my baseball vocabulary!

FYI: when I give you pronunciations, those are my attempts at using familiar English sounds to explain the Spanish pronunciations; they are not the correct phonetic spellings of the word! That would be for another, more linguistic post! :)