What's this blog all about?

{For six years, I blogged at GidgetGoesHome.com. I finally decided that in 2015, I was ready to start something new, which brings us right here. All the Gidget Goes Home archives live here now.}

This blog is basically a hodge-podged lifestyle blog-- it's my attempt at documenting some of the thoughts and dreams I have and cataloguing and sharing some of my creative projects. You'll see snippets of my life-- the beautiful, the ordinary, the difficult, the celebrations, the passions and pursuits.

  • I love to review and recommend books and talk about what I'm watching and listening to as well. Reading is a great passion of mine, and all the reading I've done has led me to some big writing dreams.
  • I truly believe that life is best lived in community, and I love to enjoy fellowship and open my home to others. Community isn't always easy, but it's always worthwhile.
  • We adopted our son, Brody, in 2010 and have an open adoption with his birthparents. Along with Brody, my husband and I have two daughters, Gigi & Hallee. These little ones fill our days with fun, excitement, love, and of course, lots of challenges. ;)
  • The creative mind fascinates me-- I love learning more about the creative process and trying my hand and mind at many creative endeavors. As for handiwork, I sew, embroider, and recently took up crocheting again. I love to plan parties, decorate my home, and make handmade gifts. Last year I wrote a book about sewing, perfect for anyone who wants to learn the basics.
  • Anyone who knows me, knows I have a strong love for ice cream. I love to make my own and to use it to bring people together.
  • I homeschool part-time through a charter school, and have written a bit about our learning experiences. In 2015 I started blogging about our family's educational journey in a new spot.
  • I'm a little bit crunchy-- I value taking care of creation and I'm picky about what we put in and on our bodies. Real talk? My husband thinks I'm a hippie trapped in a suburban mom (read more about me here).
  • For a few years, many of my tutorials, recipes and research on natural living were published on Simple Organic/Simple Homemade where I served as editor from 2010-2013; many of those posts still live at The Art of Simple, where I contribute still quarterly.
  • Intertwined in all I do and all I write about is my belief in the saving grace of Jesus Christ and my gratitude for His work in my life.

I hope you'll hang around and join the community here...

I love receiving comments and emails and try my best to respond to them.