My first Stitch Fix... whaddya think?

my first stitch fix {Warning: awkward modeling photos involved here!} I've been observing Stitch Fixes from the sideline for a while now on friends' blogs, and finally decided to go for it. A self-confessed non-shopper, I've been exploring the idea of finding my own style a little bit this year.

I finally read (and loved) The No-Brainer Wardrobe, bought some awesome new hangers, and most recently, asked David if we could pretty-please add some clothing money to August's budget for requesting my first Fix. I figured I would consider it as a sort of fall-is-coming hurrah (I hate for summer to end but I'm trying to cozy up to fall as a second fave)-- like back-to-school personal shopping for mom.

So what is Stitch Fix? Here's how simple it was.

  • I signed up and filled out a fun style profile. I also updated my Style board on Pinterest so my stylist could see what kind of things I liked (Stitch Fix has lots of boards to look through to get ideas).
  • I was careful to actually request styles/items I would actually wear. Thanks for that tip, Anne!
  • I scheduled my fix to arrive, and it did-- a few days early actually!

When the pretty box arrived, just opening it was fun and exciting-- I especially loved the outfit suggestion cards that gave styling ideas for each item.

I'll show you what I received and share a few thoughts on the experience, and I'd love to get your opinion on the pieces my stylist (I have a stylist! How fun is that?!) picked out for me. Vain disclaimer: I left my makeup in Northern California so you get to see me model au naturel {cringe}.

my first stitch fix!

Item #1: Alexa Embroidery Detailed Tank by Skies are Blue

I love the embroidery details on this one, but I wasn't crazy about the shape on me or the polyester fabric. I might have convinced myself to keep it though if it wasn't white. Between my cooking (gotta remember the apron!) and my kids' messes I can't brave all-white right now.

I think this one's a no go.

stitch fix henley

Item #2: Trinidad Chevron Striped Henley Blouse by Fun2Fun

I love the style and chevron design of this one. It will be a great one to carry me into fall, too.

(Also, let's pretend those sleeves are rolled up evenly like they were the first time I tried this shirt on, and that it's not so wrinkled, k? Thanks.) ;)

This one's a keeper!

stitch fix skirt

Item #3: Daniela Geo Print Maxi Skirt by Tart

Cute design, fun fabric. Holy expensive. My stylist picked reasonably priced (for higher-end than I'm used to) pieces for me other than this one. I still can't figure out why this skirt was priced at over a hundred dollars. Never in my wildest dreams could I justify spending that much on an everyday piece of clothing, as much as I might like it.

Sadly, no on this one.

stitch fix blue tank

Item #4 Kahlo Embroidered Solid Tank by Le Sample

When we saw the photo card with the outfit suggestions for this one, David and I both thought my stylist hit the nail on the head with this one, matching my style to a tee. It's a little dressier than my normal everyday tank-and-shorts combo with the lovely embellishment, unique cut and nice fabric, but it's still casual enough to be something I could wear any day.

My only concern is finding the right bra for it as my strapless bra works great with the back but does something funny to the front as you can see in the left photo.

All in all, this was my favorite item of the fix and it's a definite keeper.

The fifth item was the pair of earrings pictured in the top photo. Very cute, but I realized for the cost, I would rather buy something from Noonday Collection or something handmade, so I won't be requesting any more jewelry from Stitch Fix in the future.

Overall, this was a super fun experience, especially for someone like me who literally get a headache from scouring the racks for too long. Since I most of my wardrobe is made up of acquired handmedowns (which I love) or basic items from Old Navy or Target, I felt like this was a really grown-up splurge for me. One thing I was disappointed in was that all the item were made in China. For the price, it would be nice to see something American-made.

Will I do another Stitch Fix? I'd definitely like to. It'd be a fun thing to ask for money towards for a birthday or special occasion. If you're interested in trying it, I'd love it if you used my referral code which will help me earn Stitch Fix credit. (And I'll try to work on less awkward poses next time, too.) ;)


How to smooth out clumps in your mineral mascara

applying mascara Happy Friday, dear readers! Here's an easy-peasy natural beauty trick for your weekend. 

I'm really happy with my mineral mascara. It lasts long and while it's not waterproof, it will withstand the tears that come with chopping onions fairly well (side note: I chop onions a lot. And cry a lot. I've tried every remedy and nothing works for me).

I buy it on Amazon and save a bit of money by getting it every four months through their Subscribe & Save program.

Before I switched to a mineral-based brand, I used to stretch my mascara at least six months, but the mineral version seems to clump up well before my next 4-month shipment arrives. But even at the discounted price, I can't afford (or justify) buying it more often, so I just have to make it work.

how to smooth out mineral mascara

It's been really dry here lately so I'm going to blame the weather. My next mascara isn't slated to arrive until early March and I was already starting to see some clumps this week, so I decided to take action.

putting a dab of coconut oil in mascara

I took my trusty bathroom jar of coconut oil out, scooped a tiny bit out (probably about a 1/32nd of a teaspoon if that measurement exists) with a cotton swab and wiped it into the top of my mascara. I pushed it down with the wand and mixed it up a bit.

I didn't notice it immediately but the next day when I pulled it out, the mascara was indeed significantly smoother. It didn't seem diluted at all either. Win-win!

What's your favorite natural/mineral mascara brand? 

Affiliate link included.

My first Jane Austen Society event

IMG_8815 When I decided to start the book club, it only seemed fitting that I also venture out and meet up with some other serious Jane-ites. So in December I somehow found a way to squeeeeze in a little morning out to celebrate Jane's birthday with some other ladies in my local JASNA chapter..



There was tea, an abundance of snacks, Jane-related gifts and even a few people dressed in regency attire.


I happen to have an empire-waisted maxi dress that my mom bought me that actually looked quite regency-esque in context.

This is the dress (I also wore it to a Cru vision dinner recently, so this is a photo, with a dear friend of mine, from that event).

For Jane's party I wore it with a long-sleeve white tee shirt under it.

We played a few games to honor Jane-- it was truly like a classy grown-up birthday party. The first was a guess-which-JA-character I am ice breaker. We each had a name tag with a quote by or about a character. I felt like I picked a pretty obvious one, can you guess who I was?  (I'll give the answer in the comments).

"Nobody can tell what I suffer! But it is always so. Those who do not complain are never pitied."

We also played a game of charades. Regency charades are actually word riddles; it's the modern game we play where we act words out silently. Some of these were quite tricky. Our group solved a few of them... naturally, when I quizzed David later, he was able to figure out all but one (he's a clever one). Are you in the book club? I'm going to share a few over there for fun.


Then we worked on "translating" a letter Jane wrote to one of her nieces- she wrote each word backwards, showing what a fun, playful aunt she was (something that I feel like Elizabeth Bennett would have done).


Other than one other younger girl who came with her mother, I was definitely the youngest one there. But I loved it! The ladies (actually there were also a couple of gentlemen there!) were all so sweet and welcoming, and they truly had a love for Jane. I really do think I'll be joining JASNA and returning again.

Have any of you Jane fans been to a JASNA event? Local friends, who wants to come with me next time?

2 Ways to make the holidays more meaningful {Noonday Collection + a Thanksgiving craft}

For information on this week's awesome bundle sale, click here! Over $1000 worth of books, mentorship and products all about healthy living. Ends Saturday night! photo-header-planashow

You guys, I'm so excited to share with you today a company I recently discovered. How would you like to find beautiful jewelry and accessories that is the very key to lifting families out of poverty? (I also have a blog post up at One Fun Mom today, which I'll tell you about down below).

I'd like to introduce you to Noonday Collection. The name comes from the sweet and simple truth found in Isaiah 58:10:

When you satisfy the needs of the oppressed, your night will become like the noonday.

Isn't that an amazing word picture of what a difference dignified work can be in someone's life?

The best way to see what Noonday is about is to watch this short video, sharing about the first artisans to work for Noonday, in Uganda, and the impact the jobs have made on them personally and in their community.

Noonday: Kampala, Uganda. from Jessica Honegger on Vimeo.

My friend Amy, an ambassador with Noonday says this: "I think Noonday is amazing because it actually lifts women out of poverty by providing them with a job so that families lives are transformed. We can use our purchasing power to support women in developing nations worldwide, connecting us to our fellow sisters. Join me on this journey, and together we can do much."

I wanted to share Noonday with you as a wonderful option for Christmas gifts because their products are so lovely but the work they are doing in making a difference in the lives of their artisans is even more amazing. Most of the parts that make up their jewelry are found/repurposed as well, which I love.

I don't consider myself a huge jewelry person but I am seriously in love with almost everything in their catalog. Here are a few things I'm hoping to add to my own collection:

noonday faves

I had a little trunk show with Amy last night and it was such a fun time to try on jewelry and chat--  about making wise choices with our spending, fair trade chocolate, adoption, and of course, how Noonday is equipping these artisans in powerful ways.

I'm so in love with Noonday that I thought I'd spread the word here too, continuing my trunk show on the blog, if you will.

If you'd like to do a little shopping, head to Noonday and upon checkout, select Amy Brockhaus as your ambassador and Nicole Bennett as truck show hostess.  That will get your order added in with my trunk show (which might earn me some discounts- thank you!) but your order will be shipped directly to you. I think you'll find them a really worthy company. Happy shopping!

{photos from Noonday Collection}

And now, before we get totally ahead of ourselves and carried away with Christmas, I do have a simple, but meaningful, Thanksgiving craft/tradition that I'm sharing about over on One Fun Mom.


Head over there to read about my family's blessings box.