3 Little things: a book, a drink, and a good habit

good stuff In the last week, I've found myself more than once sitting on the stairs, my head in my hands in defeat. I confess and plead with the Lord while the drama drags on upstairs.

"I know not what to do, but my eyes are fixed on you."

I have committed to this verse for this year-- to pray it, to live it out, especially on the hard days-- because striving to figure it all out myself and wallowing in the challenges do nothing for me except to wear me out more.

It's more than a cry for help. It's an active stance of leaning on Him to guide and direct me.

He has yet to audibly answer me (though it's only February so who knows what the year holds... ;) ), but He speaks to me through His word and through godly people and through good books.

Today I'm bringing back my weekly-ish 3 Little Things post because I like how it gets my eyes on things I'm digging, things I'm thankful for, things building and filling me up.

the abundant life- Becoming a Spiritually Healthy Family

The 3 Little Things series is all about living the abundant life and seeing the abundant goodness in life. And that's what the first little thing I'm sharing today is all about. I've been reading Becoming a Spiritually Healthy Family by Michelle Anthony and it's been a great tool for pointing out the dysfunction that might be creeping in to our families.

I love that quote above from her book that I put in that graphic up above. I think it's easy to focus on pursuing the abundant life instead of pursuing Jesus Himself and receiving the abundant life as a by-product, like she says. (Michelle is a wise woman, and I actually know that because she is a friend and mentor of my sister-in-law. I read and enjoyed her book Spiritual Parenting years ago and so I was excited to read her newest book).

Becoming a Spiritually Healthy Family is not just philosophy; it's super practical and it's teaching me more and more about how practically I can fix my eyes on Jesus and get more of His wisdom. It shows us the various ways that dysfunction can play out in our families, and counters with ways of living out the abundant life in our parenting and in marriages, too.

"In the struggle to determine what is good and what is better, only God can inform me from a perfect and loving perspective." ~Becoming a Spiritually Healthy Family

So this book is one of those things making me happy-- because it's giving me hope and direction and I can always use more of those things in my parenting and family journey.

3 little things

 So what else has been making me happy lately? 

- Good Earth Original Sweet & Spicy herbal tea-- I'm not a big herbal tea fan but I fell in love with this tea the first time I drank it. It's one of the only teas I've ever liked enough to not add anything to it, and its cinnamon-y spiciness takes me back to the spiced tea my mom gave me when I was home sick as a kid.

- Getting organized! I emptied our art/school cabinet and have been relegating all that stuff to go elsewhere in an effort to downsize our furniture collection by one hutch. We also got the girls an awesome double desk (!!) that has helped with the organization and also the school time by giving Gigi a place to do her independent work alone. I'll share details of that when I finish the whole area up there. It's so fun!

Bonus: how great is that Laura Ingalls Wilder quote up top there? I found it via Instagram and it encompasses so much of what we're working on with Gigi! I'm going to have her memorize it.

I hope you're finding some things making you happy this week. Share in the comments if you feel so inclined! :)

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