7 books I'm reading (yep, all at once)

7 books I'm reading Last week, I threw out my back and was laid up for a couple of days. It was hard (thankfully I had the help of my dad and others during the day, dealing with regular kiddo duty), but there was one little silver lining...

I got some serious page-turning time in! It's amazing how just a few days of quality reading can get me fired up again to dig into my reading list and the stacks of books lying around waiting to be opened.

7 books I'm reading

Here's what I'm currently reading, because it's virtually impossible for me to read only one book at a time. (These are affiliate links, fyi.)

1. Bread & Wine ~ This is my bedtime/relaxing time/dreaming time book right now. Full review to come.

2. The Gospel Centered Woman  ~ Even though I already reviewed this book, I'm still digesting it. It's a great quiet time companion; I've been trying to read it in the morning when I'm up before the chaos.

3. Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe ~ This is my afternoon quiet time book, or my read whenever I can book because I'm really just soaking it up. It's just what I need in the season I'm in. My good friend Amber is ordering a copy so we can start going through it together for mutual encouragement.

4. What it is is beautiful ~ This book of poetry is written by my friend Sarah Park (you may have seen her poetry published on Simple Mom, and it speaks to me, as a mother of small children, in simple kindred-spirit ways.

5. A Gospel Primer for Christians ~ We're reading this as a church and it is chock full of nuggets of gospel truth. The premise of the book is the importance and benefits of preaching the gospel to ourselves, a theme that has come up in both book number two and three on this list.

6. The Well-Trained Mind ~ This is my basic homeschool guide. I'm planning out first grade right now and I love Susan Wise Bauer's explanation of the Classical education model and also am so thankful for this anthology of resources and scheduling guidelines.

7. Nurture by Nature ~ A mentor friend recommended this to me and I'm finally dipping my toes into it. I tested my own personality recently and came out as an ESFJ so I'm anxious to read more about personality types and see how it applies to my family and parenting.

I love this quote recently penned by Emily Freeman (a fellow multiple-book-reader), about all the books she's currently reading at once:

"They talk with one another in my head and help me find my own voice in the midst of the conversation."

Yes! That's how I feel, too. Plus, I need the variety so I can choose the genre that fits my mood or the amount of time I have.

7 books I'm reading

P.S. I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but... I sure do. Love these particular ones.

Are you a multiple-book-reader? What are you reading right now? I'm always on the lookout for more literary goodness.