A favorite TV romance, all the love for A.Ham, and the rest of January 2018

Yay, it's my birthday month! (I always say that I feel like God knew I would love the treat of having my birthday in the middle of winter to help me get through since I'm such a summer-lover. Of course, we're not having very wintery weather this year anyway here, so I'm pretty content with winter right now....)


Anyway! January 2018 has come and gone, and I thought it would be fun to do a little recap (feels like something from the "old" days of blogging). So here's the latest from my neck o' the woods (and kitchen tour coming soon!). 


I had a good start to the year, despite my goal of reading less this year (to make room for more creating & producing). Check out what I've been reading over on GoodReads


I am still loving my current project, which is a YA novel. I'm almost 30k words in and I feel like I'm getting into the exciting part so I find my characters ruminating in my mind a lot and beckoning me to come back to Scrivener and spend time unraveling their story more and more. I really only get time to work on writing during about half the week so I'm trying hard to dedicate myself to prioritizing it on those days when I can. 


Sourdough, sourdough, sourdough (can't stop, won't stop)! I'm thinking of curating my favorite resources and info and writing up a post about my sourdough journey. Stay tuned! Also, I recently re-fell in love with this soup

On a related note, does anyone else have anxiety about their favorite recipes living online? Every time I open a favorite pin and jump to someone's blog, I say to myself, I should really write this recipe down. So maybe that's a new 2018 goal. Because a couple of recipes I love have disappeared from the interwebs and I've had to ad-lib. Sad! 



Hopefully this isn't TMI but I just ordered my first Third Love bras and they are so nice! (Especially since it turns out I needed a 1/2 cup size, which explains why I normally have such a hard time finding a good fit.) Have you tried them? (If you want to try them out, too, you can use my referral code for $15 off (https://share.thirdlove.com/x/qvyUfr). That's what I did, too. Thanks, Melissa!)

Also, I got a new Dodgers shirt so I am ready for our Spring Training trip to Arizona.


You may have seen on IG that Gigi came back to the homeschool/charter school to join the other kids again. It's been a great two weeks of having everyone on the same schedule and having more time to pour into her heart again. We are approaching my favorite part of the Story of the World timeline (volume 2), and reading lots of good books these days. 

Watching & Listening

We are making our way through The Office (again) and I am again reminded how Jim and Pam's love story is one of my favorites ever. All the subtle looks and tension. Would that I could write romance like that. Also, that show is just so darn funny. (And it helps me cope with my inability to withstand such social awkardness like Michael creates.) Also Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix (!)-- We love him; glad he's back for more traveling and eating.

I saw Hamilton this month (THANK YOU MOM) and let's just say when my sister--in-law told me it would be life-changing, I sort of thought she was exaggerating, but nope! Nope, she was right. It was so amazing. I told my mom I might not want to ever see another musical. I'm sure that will pass (and I hope to see The Greatest Showman next week) in time, but I just can't get over Lin-Manuel's genius and how I feel all the emotions of it and the #immigrantsgetthejobdone way down deep in my heart. 

Also, Timeless comes back in March and my friend Rena gave me the season 1 DVD (early, accidentally, because I saw it in her room, LOL), and I will be rewatching that this month to prepare. 

I got way behind on podcasts over the holidays but I'm slowing catching up on my faves SortaAwesome and The Simple Show, and What Should I Read Next is, of course, always in my ear buds. When I need a gospel-kick-in-the-pants, my go-to is Risen Motherhood. Planning to listen to Launch with John August very soon, too.

As for music, I've been listening to lots of 90s music while I write, along with soundtracks, way too much Kidzbop for my liking (strongly considering a Spotify family account in the near future), and Havana, which I have all the heart ears (is that a thing?) for.

Bonus tidbit: it's been several years of long hair but I'm going to trim things up soon. Don't try to talk me out of it or show me pictures of Joanna Gaines because it's time. :) 

beach jumping.jpg

Happy February! 

10 on 10: February 2015

Finding the beauty in the ordinary today with Rebekah and all the other 10-on-10-ers is always an exercise I appreciate. As I go back through my photos from the day, wading through the under- and over- exposed shots (this is my first 10 on 10 set shot completely in Manual-- aside from a couple of iPhone photos), I find myself feel grateful and seeing the blessings in a packed-full day. A day not without challenges, but full of bits of beauty nonetheless.

10 on 10 February-1 10 on 10 February-2 10 on 10 February-3 10 on 10 February-4 10 on 10 February-5 10 on 10 February-6 10 on 10 February-7 10 on 10 February-8 10 on 10 February-9 10 on 10 February-10

ten on ten button


1. coffee and the word and prayer cards. 2. sweet siblings reading together (lots of fighting came later so clinging on to this moment). 3. potato soup in the crock pot. 4. dressing up the map with love (+ a gift from a sweet friend proclaiming my passion for our dining area). 5 & 6. building masterpieces with the littles. 7.  gigi learning a new skill (first ukulele lesson today!)*. 8. hanging out with this lady during gigi's lesson, while brody had a car catnap. 9 & 10. long shadows & little boys, at t-ball practice.

*I can't decide if her teacher looks more like an older David Hasselhoff or an older Patrick Swayze. Hehee.

A Day in the Life: January 23, 2014

It's actually a really fun discipline to document a day, moment by moment. I'm linking up with my friend Rebekah for the Day in a Life Project. 5:25. Hallee is crying (she lost her paci in her bed) so I roll out of bed to help her. My alarm isn't supposed to wake me for another 5 or 10 minutes but I figure I might as well get up now.

Day in the life 2014-1

5:30. I sneak downstairs and make myself a french press of coffee and finish up my week's homework for CBS (Community Bible Study), pray a bit, mentally prep for the day. I enjoy some time catching up on Facebook and reading a few blog posts. Sometimes I take this time to write but today I'm just chilling out a bit.

6:43. We try to keep our kids in their rooms till 7 (they can come out to go potty of course). Gigi can read a clock, so she usually obeys. Hallee doesn't get it at all so I excuse her still from this rule. :) Brody has an awesome clock that turns green when it's time for him to come out, but he doesn't always like to obey. Exhibit A: he's upstairs  in the bathroom whining right now about not wanting to go potty alone (really, buddy?)…

6:48. My alone time is winding down (no!) so I take a few minutes to peruse Instagram before the craziness of another day begins. David occupies Brody by taking him in the shower with him.

Day in the life 2014-2

6:58. I have my first bed-headed companion come join me in the living room.

day in the life: what we wore

7:14. Everyone is awake and downstairs. I sneak upstairs to get dressed quickly (handmedown top & leggings, necklace by 31Bits, favorite TOMS). Time for breakfast and making lunches. The girls pick their own clothes today. Gigi does this most days-- some outfits are more eclectic than others. ;)

Day in the life 2014-11

7:47. Breakfast is done, and it's time for David to leave for work. Kids occupy themselves by playing house in the living room with an abundance of pillows and blankets. I snap a photo for Instagram of the peaceful moment in between quarreling about blankets and who's who (Brody always wants to be a dog; Gigi always fights this).

Day in the life 2014-3

8:23. I've got lunches made and the kids are still playing together (small miracle). {Received my Lunchbots for review over three years ago and they are still going strong. Paired with some silicone baking cups, they make the perfect bento box, for as much as we eat on the go, at the park, etc.}

8:30. I realize I have yet to change Hallee's diaper this morning (OOPS!) so I change her and get her dressed (see photo above). Gigi finally sits down to finish her CBS homework/bible study. Today isn't really a homeschool day but her CBS work totally counts as part of our curriculum.

9:11. Time to pack up for CBS and head out. It blows my mind how long it takes me to get 3 kids ready and out the door. I'll throw a load of laundry in the dryer before we go.

Day in the life 2014-4

9:40. We load up and leave for CBS. We're there from 10-12 and it's a highlight of the week for all of us. I'm studying the book of Mark right now and Gigi does a "junior" version of the same study. The little ones follow a preschool curriculum that goes through a three-year cycle of Bible stories, crafts and memory verses.

12:15. Back in the car, I give the kids their lunches.  We talk about how the kids' classes were as we drive up the coast a few miles to Gigi's school.

12:30. Gigi arrives to her learning center at the end of lunch, right in time for the afternoon classes (Spanish & Drama), but today there is an end-of-the-semester showcase where all their work is on display. I walk through and collect her schoolwork (it's all lovely, her teachers are so creative!). Then it's time for me to head home after I chat with a few moms. Gigi goes to the charter school's learning center all day Tuesday as well.

12:45. Quick stop at the local garden/farm supply store where I pickup my CSA box every week.

1:00ish. Brody is asleep in the car so I carry him in (he's darn heavy!) and put him in bed. The festivities at Gigi's school have thrown our schedule off and I'm hoping Hallee will still take a nap.

Day in the life 2014-8

Day in the life 2014-7

1:20. I fix myself some leftover taco salad for lunch, read a few pages of Pride & Prejudice, and indulge in a yummy TJ's treat. I catch up a bit online and talk to David on the phone.

2:00. Time to tidy up the house a bit for community group tonight. I check on Hallee and she has gotten into the closet and Gigi's Barbies. She's not interested in napping so I try to lay down with her to chill her out. She is super tired but doesn't want to give in…

Day in the life 2014-9

2:30. Gigi is home, a bit earlier because of the special day, thanks to a friend/neighbor who gives her a ride home on Thursdays so that the kids can nap longer (since it's CG night they will be up late). Hallee is still refusing to nap. I hear her playing upstairs.

Day in the life 2014-10

3:00. I start dinner, and realize I'm out of tomato paste! Luckily my neighbor has some I can borrow. Gigi goes through her artwork we brought home while I cook dinner, and soon, Brody wakes up and comes down to join us. The stew requires a bit of red wine... I may or may not have sampled it while cooking... ;)

Day in the life 2014-12

3:30. The soup is cooking, and the kids clean up the blanket and pillow mess from this morning and help me dust and put other toys away (I bribe them to do this by saying they have to if they want a snack). :) Gigi helps me put PB on rice cakes, and I start mixing flours to make some Almond Flatbread Crackers (from the Bob's Red Mill Baking Book-- love this cookbook!) for tonight since I realize no one had signed up for snack this week. Hallee is knocking on her door, apparently completely rebelling against her nap.

Day in the life 2014-13

4:00. Gigi goes next door and across the street to look for a friend to rainbow loom with but alas, no one can play. Things get a little haywire around this time. It's the witching hour, that's for sure. They chase each other, someone gets a time out, can't keep their hands to themselves, more toys get brought back out, etc, etc. The crackers will have to wait while I break up fights.

Day in the life 2014-14 4:40. David calls and he's on his way home. I'm always a bit desperate at this time of day... "No, I don't need you to stop at the store, I'm going to make crackers. Just get home!!" ;) Brody pretends to "face paint" Hallee (a favorite game in our house) with a clean paintbrush and a wooden puzzle as a palette.

4:55. I finally impose a rule to sit and read a book or miss community group. I do the dishes to make room for finishing dinner. I put away the veggies from my CSA box. Kale! Peas! More Spinach & lettuce! Avocado! Limes! It's the season when the whole box is green.

5:15. David and Hallee go out to bring the trash cans in while Brody and Gigi are reading books on the couch. Crackers go in the oven. We sit down to eat our Beef & Barley Stew (one of my favorites).

6:00. We decide Hallee's never going to make it tonight so David takes her up to put her to bed while I clean up. He also gets Brody's room ready for the kids to play in.

Day in the life 2014-15

6:15. Water's boiling for tea, crackers are put on a plate along with Cocoa Almond & Cookie/Cocoa spread, and a plate of apples & banana chips, too. Our friend Rob arrives and offers to help, I have him wipe the table while I set out all the tea, mugs, and put the hot water in a carafe (no time to make coffee.

6:30. Our friends start trickling in, catching up, grabbing tea and snack, getting toys out. A 4-year old stabs himself in the mouth with his water bottle and we have our first bloody incident at CG! A little cleanup and some cuddles and he's fine.

Day in the life 2014-16

7:10. My friend Mandy and I have kid duty tonight so round up the crazies and take them upstairs. I'm bummed to miss the discussion (I've been on kid duty all day after all) but this is just one way we all serve the group. We rotate through in groups of 2 and only have to be with the kids every 6-8 weeks. I always end up enjoying the time once I'm up there. We play cars and kitchen and trains, and Mandy and I get to catch up which is fun. Gigi snags my phone and snaps a few (blurry but fun) photos.

8:30 rolls around and the kids clean up and head back downstairs. We chat and hang out for a while longer. It sounds like the discussion was good tonight. Friends head out, our kids eat a little snack, and I kiss them goodnight.

9:09. David puts the kids to bed while I flop on the couch for a minute. Then I get back up and start putting stuff away. He does the dishes (seriously, he's amazing).

9:35. We zone out on the couch. He's playing a game on the iPad, I'm checking IG (I post one of the photos Gigi took earlier), Facebook, email, etc.

10:00. Time to head upstairs-- we're exhausted. David's trying to decide if he wants to wake himself up in the middle of the night to watch an exciting tennis match at the Australian Open (I tell him he's crazy).

10:40. I read a page in P & P before crashing out. Thursdays are a long, community-filled day. This is our life and we love it. God is good.

Some affiliate links included for favorite things mentioned.

What I'm Into: November 2013 edition + Pinterest to Real Life resurrection time

Sky's on fire for our last night at the beach. Linking up with Leigh again to share all that I've been into over the last month. There are a bunch of affiliate links in here, and I just want to take a moment to thank those of you have clicked through any of my links. Every little bit that I bring in from affiliate links is a real blessing to our family.

Read & Reading

So apparently I only finished one book this month! But have been making progress in others, so I'll cut myself some slack. But the one I did finish as a really sweet one...

Aloha RoseAloha Rose ~ I was drawn to this book right away because of its setting. Hawaii! Yes, please! The descriptions didn't disappoint and it was a lovely little literary vacation just as things were really cooling off in real life. Thanks to my mom and my mother-in-law both being avid quilters, I must say I have an affinity for a story built around lovely quilt as well. Hawaiian quilting has always intrigued me and I loved the bits of tradition and history woven into this sweet love story.

Sometimes I love Christian romance novels and other times they seem cheesy or superficial to me. This story didn't disappoint, in that while the spiritual aspect was overt, it was raw and real and we really got to see the characters grow into a more complete understanding of the gospel alongside their love story.

Aloha Rose is a well-written, entertaining read and would make a great beach companion as well as a virtual winter escape. For more information about the storyline and the series, visit the Quilts of Love website. {Thanks to Litfuse for providing this book to review.}

Currently: I keep track of these books in progress on GoodReads. Usually I'm switching back and forth between Pride and Prejudice (for the book club of course!) and the first James Potter book, but I've got some other ones underway as well.

Read-Alouds: Felicity & Samantha books, and we've also got our Christmas books out which we all love! We keep them under the tree for the season; here are a few of our favorites: The Greatest Shepherd of All, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, If You Take a Mouse to the Movies, The Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving,  and the advent book we've been enjoying, Charlie & Noel.



TV: Parenthood, Amazing Race, Emma Approved and Hart of Dixie.

Movies: Date night scheduled for Catching Fire next week! I haven't seen any other newer movies lately but I'm delighted to get back to the cheesy made-for-TV Christmas movies- I love those (call it a guilty pleasure if you will). I think my favorite one so far is 12 Dates of Christmas (you can't go wrong with Zach Morris). And of course, we've been enjoying all of our Christmas favorites-- Home Alone, Christmas Vacation, The Holiday, White Christmas, and Four Christmases to name a few (David loves to watch The Christmas Story and Elf, too.).


My Christmas 2013 playlist is my go-to dumping ground for any album I come across that I want to keep in my repertoire. It's a random mix including the Good Lovelies (who I found last year actually), Austin Stone, and a few others. I'm adding more each day to that one.

I just started listening to Kat Lee's new How They Blog podcast and I can already tell that it is fantastic. Very encouraging and inspiring for anyone who wants to grow their blog and connect with their readers.

Happy Thanksgiving from the beach! God is good!


Here's my general weekly meal rotation for dinners these days:

Monday: 1-pot meal Tuesday: Something easy like chicken sausage and veggies or a stir-fry Wednesday: Roast chicken (the only recipe I repeat just about every week) Thursday: soup in the crockpot, with leftovers available to anyone in our community group who arrives hungry Friday: seafood & veggies (or something that didn't get made earlier in the week for whatever reason) Saturday:  brinner! We usually have pancakes for breakfast and then eggs for dinner. Sunday: some kind of meat & veggies, often this is family dinner with grandparents or my brother's family

For Thanksgiving, my dad smokes a turkey (so good!) and then my mom, mother-in-law and I split the other other dishes. This year I made green bean casserole (I love the recipe on the back of the TJ's crunchy onions can) and the amazing brown butter whipped sweet potatoes from Simple Bites. YUM. It was a good meal.

Family photos in action!


  • the photos my brother took of us over Thanksgiving. Dang, I have cute kids. I'll share those soon.
  • our beloved family tradition of beach camping for Thanksgiving. God went above and beyond with the sunsets this year.
  • collaborating with some awesome ladies for the book club. I can't wait to introduce you to the moderators.
  • Christmas festivities, traditions, trimmings and treats!
  • free tickets to Cirque du Soleil- fabulous!
  • nature walks by the lagoon
  • art with friends
  • the sweet moments with my kids that get me through the really hard ones
  • sweet friends having babies

Pinterest to Real Life

I'm happy to announce that I really, really, really am going to try to resurrect this monthly tradition from Simple Homemade in January. I will try to post right around the 1st of the month recapping the previous month's successes and failures from the inspiration that was pinned. If some of you want to join me, I just bring back the linky for this, too.

What I'm Into: October 2013

IMG_8266 I've started really looking forward to these posts where I get to spill all the things I'm reading, watching, loving-- it's so fun! I'm pretty glad October is over as far as blogging goes-- freedom to post whatever/whenever feels like a breath of fresh air even though I'm proud of sticking with the 31 days.

And because I don't take myself too seriously, I thought I'd share this with you:

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 9.55.35 PM

So yeah. Sometimes being a grownup is overrated. ;)

Read and Reading:

To-Know-You-Ethridge-e1378961378455To Know You- I finished this book today and it was intense. When I think about writing fiction, the biggest hurdle I always have is allowing bad things to happen to my characters.

To Know You may reveal a story where a lot of bad stuff hits the fan in a lot of ways, but it also shows God's grace along the way. We see sin, consequences but above all His hand working in it all. A novel of many storylines converging, in it we see Julia Whittaker reaching out to the two daughters she placed for adoption over twenty years ago in her desperate attempt to find a liver donor for her dying son (you can read the full synopsis here).  The authors did a really good job of switching points of view (which allowed for great character development and specifying when events were happening. I usually lean towards "happier" books but I'm really glad I read this one. When it ended it just felt like one more tale of God's sovereignty and how he brings beauty from ashes (love that).

SnowTulips-e1378875337964Snow on the Tulips- A novel set in the Netherlands, occupied by the Nazis at the end of WWII, this is one of those romance novels that keeps you on your toes throughout its entirety because of the gravity of the situation.

What I really loved was that the story of Cornelia, Gerrit and Johan is based on actual events that happened at the end of the war.

It's a story of overcoming fear and obstacles to do the right thing, hearing and following God's calling, and the strong love forged under the most difficult of circumstances along the way. Read more about the book here.

DearMrKnightley-252x380Dear Mr. Knightly- Let me just say that I started this book casually and then ended up staying up till 2am to finish it on the same day. I just had to. I really loved this book-- it's clever Jane-isms and other literary references throughout caught my attention and the character development was wonderful as was the creative premise.

The book is written in epistolary form (which I love) and without giving away too much of the plot, I'll just say it had a You've Got Mail feel to it in a sense. But it wasn't just light-hearted. The heroine, Sam, is on a journey of becoming herself as a woman and a writer and also figuring out how God fits into the picture as well. What I loved about this book is that her spiritual journey is very real and raw, and not something that can just be tied up nicely with a bow. Of course, there's a love story in there, too. And isn't the cover pretty, too? This is one I would read again for sure.

Thank you to Litfuse for the review copies of the books mentioned above.

A Homemade Life- I'm so bummed that this is a library book because I really want to keep it for the recipes. The memoir was very entertaining (Molly is such a great writer) as well, but the food she wrote about had me drooling. It's now officially on my wish list, because it's a definite keeper.

The Princess Diaries 9 & 10 (Princess Mia and Forever Princess)- I started this series probably ten years ago and randomly decided to request the last 2 books at the library after reading Meg Cabot's moving 9/11 post this year. I've always loved her writing and reading the end of the story of Mia Thermopolis transforming from self-professed geek to self-acutalized princess was very entertaining, and a fun little break from more serious or grown-up stories.

You can view this page to see what Facebook parties and giveaways are going on this month for the Litfuse books I read.


Gigi and I have been enjoying the American Girl books. I've read her the first and second Samantha books and the first Felicity book. She loves them! Great history lessons there, too. We also read a Magic Tree House book-- those are always fun.



We're behind, but still loving Parenthood (of course), Amazing Race, and Revolution (we just finished season 1 and the ending was great-- very JJ Abrams-ish). We finally finished Arrested Development and now that we've seen the whole thing, I have to say, I preferred the original 3 seasons, however season 4 grew on me. It got funny as it went along and you sort of got what they were doing with it. I hope that wasn't the end. I just love those characters.

I've heard of people bootlegging Downton Abbey but I'm holding out. We have too much on our plate-- er, screen-- as it is and it feels like the perfect curl-up-with-a-cuppa-tea winter show to me, too. When David is otherwise occupied, I indulge in Hart of Dixie (season 2 on Netflix).

Does YouTube count as TV? After thoroughly enjoying The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, I moved on to Welcome to Sanditon, which was cute, but didn't grab me quite as much (and the fan videos were annoying), and now I'm watching Emma Approved, which is shaping up to be very cute, just wish I didn't have to wait for the next episode each time!


Nothing new (too much baseball in October) but I did watch Penelope this weekend, which I totally love (perfect for Halloween weekend) and for David's birthday I bought him Moonrise Kingdom, which we really liked when we rented it a while back. We watched it again this weekend and well, it's just pure genius (except that one weird scene).

We also watched The Hunger Games again last week to prep me for my costume and also to get psyched for Catching Fire, which I really hope we can see in the theatre. Now that baseball is over we definitely have some movies to catch up on (still haven't seen Gatsby!!).


Well, I did it. I listened to a Christmas playlist this week. Just one, and it was one that's more holiday-ish than Christmasy if that makes sense. It was nice though.

I've been into Citizens lately and my brother just shared an album with me called talking dreams by Echosmith that I want to listen to more. And well, there was that day last week I listened to Taylor Swift all afternoon, too.

Two of my favorite Spotify playlists are my worship playlist and my happy playlist.

Things I Love:

Love them! Angelina Ballerina, Fancy Nancy, and a horse!

~eating my kids' candy (insert evil laugh here)

~dressing up

~hanging out with my neighbors, and my CG (and welcoming new peeps)-- our little Halloween shindig was so fun!

~putting sponge rollers in my girls' hair (cuteness overload! Also, cue the Shirley Temple vids on YouTube!)

~beach dinners at sunset

~earlier sunrises (easier to get out of bed!)

~reading on an eReader (especially in bed!)

~our family tradition of my brother's family's Halloweenie party (pumpkin carving + hot dogs, chili & nachos)

~tea time with a sweet friend (and now Brody keeps asking, "Can we have tea with Sarah again today?")

~CrossFit. It's hard but really good. Makes me feel like an athlete again. {fist bump}

~And one thing I don't love: baseball ending and basketball beginning (although it's a good time of year to get in some serious reading time...)

So now the question is, what are you into? 

What I'm Into at HopefulLeigh

10 on 10: May 2013 and yummy creamy curry chicken & kale

I love Fridays. We've finally gotten in the habit of grocery shopping every Friday morning; sometimes we walk and today was one of those days. It was perfect coastal walking weather. In the afternoon it was homeschooling, cleanup, a bit of downtime, creative time, and then dinner prep, where an experimental dish turned out delicious and we had lovely friends over and enjoyed our newly redone patio for a backyard dinner, which is pretty much my favorite thing ever. ten on ten button

Here are my 10 on 10 photos, along with the tasty dinner recipe. I've been playing along with 10 on 10 for a while now, and it's been such a treat lately to be connecting more with its sweet founder Rebekah on Instagram. She recently got a makeover by Oana as well and I love the new look of her blog!

10 on 10 may-1

10 on 10 may-2

10 on 10 may-3

10 on 10 may-4

10 on 10 may-5

10 on 10 may-6

10 on 10 may-7

dessert was Healthy Chocolate PB fudge-- soooo good!  so easy! 

10 on 10 may-11

10 on 10 may-12

sweet friends holding hands!!

Creamy curry chicken & kale (paleo/gaps-friendly)


  • half a bunch of kale
  • half a large onion
  • 3 patty pat squash or 1-2 small squashes
  • around 2-3 pounds of chicken thighs (2 packages from TJ's is what I used)
  • 1/2 cup mayo (I get homemade from my food co-op)
  • 1/2 cup organic sour cream
  • curry powder to your liking
  • 1/4 cup organic half 'n'half
  • olive oil
  • garlic, salt & pepper, paprika

1. Slice onions & squash and wash/dry and rip up kale.

2. Toss veggies with olive oil, salt, pepper & garlic to taste in a 13 x9 pan. Add some paprika too!

3. Lay chicken out  on top.

4. Whisk or stir together mayo, sour cream, curry powder and half'n'half to your desired consistency.

5. Spoon over chicken. Add a bit more paprika-- I took this photo before that, but you can imagine how pretty it looked. Cover with foil and roast in preheated oven (450*) for 45 minutes. Remove foil and bake for another 10-15 minutes, or until done and nice and bubbly. I don't have a photo of the final product but we all loved it. Yum!!

Happy weekending!