blogging: where I'm at

I've been blogging for a while now. I'm approaching my 2-year blogiversary for Gidget Goes Home and have recently hit the three-hundred mark for post count. That's a lot of my opinions, my photographs, my words. Thanks for bearing with it all. :)

I'll be honest. I sometimes still feel a little like an insecure high schooler in the blogosphere.

Comparing myself to others. Their writing, their humor, their creativity.

Their comments.

My bloggy friend Brooke recently posted on this same topic what could have been my own personal thoughts.

I've heard about people closing comments on a post or indefinitely. Sometime it's to avoid an argument on a somewhat-controversial post. Sometimes it's simply to direct traffic elsewhere.

Comments can appear to be such a gauge of popularity, and for me, when I receive a comment it really makes my day. It's a sort of reinforcement that what I'm doing has some value to those on the other side of my computer. {Thank you so much to those of you who have and do comment!!!}

And so, on the other side of the coin, when I don't receive comments, it can be really disheartening. I wonder if anyone is out there. If google analytics is lying when it tells me that people are visiting my blog.

I know I shouldn't worry about all this. And most of the time I have no trouble really finding my identity in Christ, not worrying worrying about popularity or any of that, but sometimes insecurity creeps in.

I remind myself that I'm doing this for myself, in part It's good writing practice, and often therapeutic to write the hard stuff. But I also do it because I love to be able to encourage others. To bring them something yummy or inspiring, to share something I've learned/read/researched, to give pretty glimpses into my life through photos and to be a blessing to them when they're going through something I've dealt with. I love the reciprocal nature of the blog community, how we help each other, encourage each other, spur each other on.

I myself don't comment as much on blogs as I used to. I know there's a time factor there. I want to soak up as much good stuff from the blogosphere in the limited time I have to read. Reading gets prioritized over commenting. But generally, I'm much more of a commenter than some other readers. Probably in part because I have this insecurity that I don't want others to feel.

One of my favorite things about guest posting or writing over on Simple Organic is that I know a conversation will ensue after my post ends. It sometimes takes me a few days, but I love personally responding to comments and seeing how others can add to the discussion or offer their viewpoints or experiences.

This post became much longer than I intended to, but I just wanted to get real. Sometimes I wonder if I should keep going.... and then a real life friend mentions that one of my posts really inspired/touched her, or something happens in life and I can't withold that familiar feeling of oh, I've got to blog about that... :)

The thought has crossed my mind to close comments on this very post. But the truth is, it would really feed my soul to hear from even a couple of you. To know that you're out there reading. I'd love to have a little delurking today and "meet" one of you who's never commented. Or if you want to get deep, share with us one of your insecurities and let's get a little conversation going.

I've really put my heart and soul into this little blog. I love writing it, designing it, and mostly connecting with other bloggers and readers.

Thanks for being here and for reading. <3

xo, nicole