Giveaway winner and my first Simple Mom column post!

I'm not very good at follow-through in the blogging realm-- that's one of things I want to improve upon. So for the those of you who follow me on Facebook, sorry that this announcement is a couple of days later than I thought it would be. :) It's weird, I was sorta having an unintentionally intentional aversion to getting on the computer (hence my out-of-control email inbox!). Banana choc chip pancakes, trip to the library, and now swim school... The best part? Daddy took the day off!

Partly I think I needed to detox a bit from my blogging "job" ending and partly I was just living life-- throwing a bridal shower, singing at church, celebrating a certain little girl's 6th birthday. It's been a crazy busy fun week around here.

So. Without further adieu, I'd like to congratulate Abby, who said she loves my tutorials (thanks, Abby, I hope to bring more of those your way in the future!). I've sent an email so let me know if you don't get it. Abby won the fabulous collection of goodies; if you didn't win, be sure to revisit my friends and sponsors who donated to the giveaway!

I loved reading through all of your comments and am really excited about what the future brings here at Gidget Goes Home.

Today, I have my first sewing column post up at Simple Mom. It's a simple project, one that's been loved on for about three years in our home. 

There’s just something so sweet about a toddler and her baby doll (or his, for that matter; my son loves his doll and animals, too).

When we were first preparing to bring home baby number two, I decided to make a baby carrier for my daughter who was just over two at the time. I had loved wearing her in my handmade mei-tai, a gift from my sister-in-law, and decided to draft a simpler version for her to use with her favorite doll, Molly the Dolly...

Head to Simple Mom to read the rest...