A Silly Poem From Memory

I memorized this silly, nonsensical poem in 2nd grade for a talent show. It comes from an old children's book that was my mom's, called A Rocket in My Pocket. For some odd reason, I still can remember most of it, and it still makes me giggle a little.

Smart Alec Oration

Ladies and Jelly spoons:

I come before you

To stand behind you,

And tell you something

I know nothing about.

Next Thursday,

Which is Good Friday,

There'll be a mothers' meeting

For fathers only.

Wear your best clothes

If you haven't any,

And if you can come

Please stay at home.

Admission free;

Pay at the door.

Take a seat

And sit on the floor.

It makes no difference where you sit,

The man in the gallery is sure to spit.

We thank you for your unkind attention.

The next number will be

The four corners of the round table.

Happy Friday!