Announcing my new blog (!) and a book sale!

Happy Friday, dear readers! If you didn't already see the news in my newsletter, I wanted to let you know about a couple of exciting things.  First, to celebrate the new blog, which I'll tell you about in a minute, I decided to put my Sewing School 101 ebook on sale from now until the end of September.

sewing school sale

Fall is a great time to try something new (I've even heard some people call it the new "new year's")-- maybe your kids are going back to school and you suddenly have some time to yourself, or maybe your kids want to learn to sew and you decide to go through the book together. Grab the book while it's just $2.99, save yourself seven bucks and you'll be sewing in no time!

So now, about the new blog! (And no, I won't be retiring this one...)

The Bennettar Academy- a homeschool journal

For years, I kept an online scrapbook of sorts over at Then, as social media exploded, it seemed like the humble "family blog" went by the wayside, and that's what happened to mine. It sat for almost two years without an update, when I finally decided to resurrect that spot and give it new life.

So now, I'll be taking my homeschool posts over there for the most part, and this blog will be where all my other thoughts and photos live. I think it will be fun to have everything there, and I hope to document more of our homeschool journey this year.

You can read more about that blog over there, and you can also read about our homeschool philosophy, and subscribe to get updates when I post.

jumping in the pool

We're still in summer mode over here, which I'm savoring, but I am getting excited to transition into the new school year as well. All the cute "back to school" photos around social media have likely been helping me get excited.

But last night we an epic last church beach night-- the warmest water of the year, the most fun waves I've caught in years, beautiful colors painted in the sky and on the water at sunset, and big turnout of friends-- and it had me lamenting the end of the season, as always. I'm an eternal-summer girl at heart, and while I'm warming to fall as second favorite, letting go of my sweet summer days is always hard.

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