love & coffee

Affogato love On our recent trip we bought some fresh-roasted local organic coffee (read: YUM) to our friends who hosted us along the way. I knew two of the couples were coffee drinkers, but I wasn't sure of the third, parents of one of David's childhood friends. I soon found out that Debi and Jack don't just drink coffee, they adore it.

As we enjoyed more conversation with our hosts I shared what I really wanted for our ten-year anniversary (later this month!) was for David to develop an appreciation for coffee so we could enjoy it together. It might sound superficial, but there's just something about enjoying coffee that I long to do with him.

At this, Debi lit up as she told us how she and Jack enjoy their coffee every morning, sipping it and reading their Bibles together. Of course at this I looked over at David with a happy sigh and big puppy dog eyes. That! That sounds lovely!

Affogatos & Arrested Development! Well, I might have worn him down a bit finally. After making the all-important point that hey, it's no more bitter than beer... you like beer, so you've got to be able to develop a taste for coffee!, he succumbed with minimal protest to sampling an affogato over Arrested Development with me the other night.

Maybe you've been indulging in these for years, but they are a new-found favorite treat for me. Affogato is simply a fancy Italian word referring to ice cream drenched in espresso.

Just a simple scoop of vanilla each and then we split a single shot of decaf Mocca Java. Heavenly to my taste buds. Mmmm... It's like coffee ice cream on crack.

When I asked David if he liked it he didn't wince in disgust like I thought he might. "I like the ice cream..." he said, like a skeptic who's open to exploring something new.

It's a start, people. It's a start.

I've got to know, is there anyone else out there who's unequally yoked with their spouse in terms of their love of coffee?