Road trip musings

And we're off! We just got back from a super fun road trip. Ten days up the coast of our lovely state with several stops with friends and family.

Of course, we had a few more stops and visits planned, but sometimes the best laid plans get foiled by pestering sickness.

2 sickies

As if dealing with three kids in the car for many hours wasn't enough of a challenge, we also had to deal with food poisoning (me, the day we were supposed to leave home), bloody noses (a consistent struggle with Brody these days), some type of vomit-inducing tummy bug (both girls), and a terrible cold complete with something ludicrous like six cold sores (David-- poor guy is miserable, and I'll be the first to say this is beyond a Man Cold).

So. All that to say, we came home a day early and have been enjoying the simplicity of getting back to real life-- i.e. our own beds, the Dodgers on TV in the background, roast chicken for dinner.... and of course LOTS of laundry, worn-out kids needing a few days to recover from all the fun.

First taste of san pellegrino for our kiddos was a hit!  #heckanorcal2013 #ABeautifulMess

But that's just the thing- it was so much fun! And despite all the challenges, it gave us the confidence that  we can make it through pretty much anything with our little family. We love going on trips and making memories in different places with our kids.

And of course, between little ones not feeling good and sleeping in various new places, there were lots of cuddles. And that's always nice. :)